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      产品中心您当前的位置:首页 > 产品中心 > 美国BK PRECISION > 信号源等仪器 > 1823A美国BK PRECISION频率计数器

      基础信息Product information

      产品名称:美国BK PRECISION频率计数器




      1823A美国BK PRECISION频率计,200 MHz Frequency Counter美国BK PRECISION 1803D,2.4 GHz Universal Frequency Counter with Ratio Function美国BK PRECISION 1823A,3.5 GHz美国BK PRECISION 1856D

      产品特性Product characteristics

      中国电子行业仪器优质供应商——坚融实业JETYOO INDUSTRIAL,Support、销售Sale、服务Service,3S公司,提供解决方案、测试测量技术改进、技术培训、采购管理、售后维修服务。

      美国BK PRECISION1823A频率计概述
      2.4 GHz Universal Frequency Counter with Ratio Function
      The model 1823A is a reciprocal 2.4GHz universal frequency counter that is microprocessor controlled. The LED display can provide nine digits of resolution using the internal 10s gate time. The high accuracy, sensitivity and versatility of this counter make it an extremely valuable instrument to scientists, engineers, experimenters and communications technicians.

      美国BK PRECISION频率计1823A?特点
      +1PPM Time base stability
      Trigger function
      Frequency ratio measurement function
      Time interval measurement function
      External frequency standard input
      Bright LED display
      Low pass filter
      Line filter
      RS-232C Interface

      BK PRECISION1823A美国频率计选配件
      BNC Breakout to Alligator Clips
      美国BK PRECISION CC-21
      Standard BNC to Alligator clips test leads.
      50 ohm impedance RG58C/u cable 500Vrms voltage rating 40" cable length

      USB to Serial (RS232) Adapter
      USB to serial converter to allow the connection of RS232 intstruments to a PC via a USB interface.
      Supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 interface Product that use a Null Modem/Cross cable will need to connect this adapter to the crossed cable Link to USB Driver

      Right Angle escoping Antenna, BNC Connector
      美国BK PRECISION AT 21

      Function, Pulse, and Arbitrary Waveform Generator Carrying Case
      美国BK PRECISION LC 40
      Made in the U.S.A. Light weight, durable Cordura nylon Protects your instruments from damage Room to hold your test leads Perfect size to accommodate bench a Function Generator, Pulse Generator or Arbitrary Waveform Generator Approximate Internal Dimensions: 11 x 5.5 x 12" (279 x 140 x 305mm)

      BK PRECISION美国频率计系列产品
      200 MHz Frequency Counter
      美国BK PRECISION 1803D
      Compact basic bench 7 digit LED display 200 MHz Frequency Counter with selectable 0.1 and 1.0 seconds gate times.

      2.4 GHz Universal Frequency Counter with Ratio Function
      美国BK PRECISION 1823A
      2.4 GHz 9-digit LED display universal frequency counter with Ratio function for measuring the difference between two signals as well as all of the most commonly used counting functions.

      3.5 GHz Multifunction Counter (Frequency, Period, Totalize)
      美国BK PRECISION 1856D
      Accurate 9-digit LED display bench multifunction counter with a wide 3.5 GHz measurement range, offering all of the most commonly used counting functions.


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